Pipepuller FAGRO No. 1


Technical Data
Maximal lifting weight 60 tons

Maximal pipe diam. 11-3/4“

Maximal overall height 23m

Lifting / lowering speed: 5 joints per hour

Lifting / lowering stroke: 1,55 meter

Max. Tubinghanger diameter: 0,45 meteris.

WHY Hydraulic Work-over?

HWO is a well intervention technique, which can be used to install or extract tubing/pipes into or out of dead wells. “Dead” well means, that the well has zero surface pressure and has heavy fluid or mud in the wellbore, or is not capable of sustaining a natural flow.

Hydraulic workover pipe pulling unit

The idea of developing a mobile pipe pulling unit arose from the situation that 2 mobile cranes were required to pull out of hole or run in hole with tubing/pipes. One to handle the tubing/pipes, the other as a mount for the hydraulic power tong.

This has the disadvantage that the crane used to handle the pipes must be positioned precisely over the bore hole. If this is not done, the pipes may rub on the casing wall, damaging the pump’s anti-corrosion coating or, even worse ripping off the pump cable mounting cable bands. When inserting the cable-weight the long boom of the crane tends to tilt, and if this is not immediately corrected damage can easily occur.

In contrast, our pipe puller is always centered directly over the bore hole and the cable can be precisely inserted or extracted without it swaying to and fro.

The equipment is built onto a substructure skid, which measures 5.2m x 5.2m and is 0.5m high. The length when being transported is 13m and the weight 19 tons. The gin pole can be extended and will take a weight of 2.5 tons. In this way, pipes of up to 12.5m in length can be grabbed or deposited.

The service we offer includes fitting. The use of annular or ram preventers is discussed with the customer and can also be built-into the contract. The lifting-table (plate) is designed for a weight of 60 tons. Our supervisor and foreman hold valid IWCF well control certificates.

We offer complete service

No further service personnel required We are authorized to service Baker Hughes(Centrilift) pumps and surface equipment

  • Cable spooler
  • Power tong
  • Tool containers
  • Wellhead gaskets and ring joints
  • Truck with crane for onshore operations
  • Independent diesel driven power unit with spark arrestor.




Direct Full service

Use of the pipe-puller

YOU determine your requirements
WE modify the use of our pipe-puller to your specific needs

YOU continue with your day-to-day business
WE organise and co-ordinate the pipe-pulling operation effectively and profitably to assist in your time-management

YOU depend on immediate interaction in case of an emergency
Our pipe-puller full service allows us to act quickly and simply

Our pipe-puller provides a direct full service Our pipe-puller is small enough to enable efficient handling No need for costly or time-consuming sub-contractors or third-party providers
Use of the pipe-puller